A Celebration of Creativity, Culture and Community

This year’s Black History Month event at BCLM is a virtual event to celebrate the  contribution of Black people living and working in the Black Country.

Join BCLM for an evening of performances including song, dance, music, and spoken word that will showcase the lives and legacy of Black people in the Black Country. 

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BCLM want this event to be a real celebration of our local community.  So, they’re giving people two ways to participate – either  by joining to watch online, or by submitting their own video content to share their talent as part of the evening’s programme.

If you’d like to showcase your talent, you can upload digital content to us that explores the following themes:

  • What does it mean to be Black and living in the Black Country?
  • How has the Black Country changed the world?
  • What does Black History Month mean to you?

Key questions:

Who can submit content?

Anyone and everyone – whether you’re aged 3-100, you have the chance to star in this virtual event. See below for full details.

What kind of material will you consider?

Digital content that is a maximum of 3 minutes long.  This can be video, or audio.  BCLM are looking for content that will engage an audience online using the themes outlined above. Please see below for more details about how to submit your content.

When is the deadline for submitting content?

Please ensure entries are submitted by Friday 23 October at 5pm.  Content submitted after this date cannot be considered for inclusion in the event on Wed 28 Oct, but may be included in the archive that we are hoping to create following the event.

This event will be taking place virtually on Wed 28 Oct between 7 – 8:30pm. Book online now!

Creating and Submitting Content

Things are different this year, which is why BCLM are holding a virtual event and asking people to submit  video content to us.

We’re looking for creative content that is inspired by any of the following themes:

  • What does it mean to be Black and living in the Black Country?
  • How has the Black Country changed the world?
  • What does Black History Month mean to you?

Content can be in the form of song, dance, poetry,  or a reading, or visual art… BCLM are looking for you to use your creativity , so the approach you take is  up to you.  All that they ask is that you follow the guidance below

For content to be considered for our event, please ensure you follow the below guidelines –

  • There is no limit on who can be involved – whether you’re 3 or 103, you are the star!
  • Your performance/video should not be longer than 3 minutes
  • Please include a short introduction at the start of your video with your name and the theme of your piece
  • Make sure that your content is filmed landscape/horizontally (rather than portrait/vertically)
  • Submissions can be filmed with a camera or mobile phone, it’s up to you!

Once you’ve completed your video, please send it over to BCLM via wetransfer to competition@bclm.com – instructions on how to send using wetransfer can be found here. Alternatively, you can send your video via WhatsApp on 07714133630. The deadline for submissions is Fri 23 Oct at 5pm. 

Tips on recording your video

To get the best out of your video, we suggest that you:

  • Use a tripod if you’ve got one to make sure your video is steady
  • Try to avoid using zoom, especially if you’re creating your video on your mobile
  • Film with lots of natural light – try to avoid flash