University of Wolverhampton’s ArtsFest have a packed line up of online events in store to mark this LGBT+ History month. 

Some Other Me

Friday 12th February, 4pm-5pm

Some Other Me: Bisexual and pansexual representation in theatre

The University of Wolverhampton presents an online talk with Arun Blair-Mangat, Callum Heinrich and Beth Hinton-Lever.

Queer representation is beginning to expand in film and television, with bisexual and pansexual characters beginning to appear shows such as Doctor Who and Schitt’s Creek. Arun Blair-Mangat (& Juliet), Callum Heinrich (Mamma Mia) and Beth Hinton-Lever (West Side Story).

Join Dr James Lovelock to discuss their experiences as bisexual and pansexual writers and performers in the theatre industry, focusing on how theatre can expand its range of queer representation in future productions.

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Pronound LGBT History Month

Tuesday 16th February, 4pm-5pm

Pronouns – Five Top Tips

The University of Wolverhampton presents a talk with Chloe Foster: come and learn about why pronouns are important, particularly to most trans and non-binary people.

In this talk Chloe will share with you her 5 top tips to help you feel more comfortable with how/when/whether to ask people their pronouns, and what to do if you make a mistake. You’ll also learn about the gender-neutral pronoun ‘they’ and why it’s important to increasing numbers of people.

We use pronouns all the time when we refer to other people in our lives (perhaps without even thinking about it) but how many of us have asked our friends what their pronouns are?

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Pierre Seel

Tuesday 16th February, 6pm-7pm

The life of Pierre Seel: Remembering LGBT+ victims of the Holocaust

The University of Wolverhampton presents a talk with journalist Andrea Carlo.

In the midst of LGBT History Month and the enduring struggle for equality around the world, it is vital to remember one of the most tragic, yet overlooked, episodes in queer history: the persecution and murder of thousands of LGBT+ people during the Third Reich. In this talk, journalist Andrea Carlo will look at the life of Pierre Seel, one of the few gay Holocaust survivors to speak openly about his experience, and his poignant testimony of life during and after imprisonment in a concentration camp.

Andrea Carlo (he/him) is a British-Italian journalist and commentator on human rights issues, contributing regularly to publications such as The Independent and HuffPost. He is also a PhD candidate researching the history of Euroscepticism in Italy.

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Queer Writing

Friday 19th February, 4pm-5pm

Queer Writing Panel with Finn Anderson, Tania Azevedo and Laura Schein

The University of Wolverhampton is pleased to present a talk with writers Finn Anderson, Tania Azevedo and Laura Schein.

This panel will be a Q+A session with industry writers who have created LGBTQ characters within their work. Finn Anderson and Tania Azevedo collaborated on several musicals including A Mother’s Song and The Bowmaker, and Laura Schein co-wrote and starred in the off-Broadway hit Emojiland.

The University of Wolverhampton encourages original writing as part of its undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Performing Arts and Creative Writing.

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Tuesday 23rd February, 7pm-9pm

The Louder We Get: A LGBT+ Concert-Lecture

The University of Wolverhampton presents….

Join the LGBT+ Performing Arts Research Project for an evening of songs, poems and discussion about LGBT+ representation in the performing arts.

The event will include performances from our Performing Arts students as well as mini-panels about a range of topics that our members have been researching over the past few months.

This year’s concert-lecture will be a pre-recorded from our living rooms due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Wednesday 24th February, 1pm-2pm

Sexuality and Design

A virtual session that will open our minds to the prejudices, stereotypes and lack of identity that 3D designs may incur through sexuality, culture, race and religion. Lecturers and students will have an input into the subject matter for the day, making this a relevant topic to making the school of art a more inclusive organisation. The knowledge gained will help designers open the possibilities and opportunities for a more creative society.

All are welcome to join the conversation!

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Thursday 25th February, 12noon-2pm

Coaches’ Kitchen Queer Kitchen Edition

Coaches’ Kitchen is about gathering around in our virtual kitchens, crying over onions, exchanging stories, asking questions, and enjoying the company. Everyone is welcome to join in with the cooking if you feel up to it, or you can simply put your headphones in and pretend you’re not alone in your house for a couple of hours.

For LGBTQ+ History Month, we bring to you Coaches’ Kitchen: Queer Kitchen edition

A delightfully bizarre attempt to unearth truths and create some delicious queer food. Sometimes we eat queer food – food that does not seem mainstream, but yet is. It is OK, you can eat it. Come out of the food closet.

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Thursday 25th February, 3pm-4pm

LGBTQ+ Reading Group

Led by artist and lecturer Gavin Rogers, this participant led reading group will collectively read Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory. What does it mean to exist on the edges of society? Why is being “female”, being “unnormal”, being “sick” seen as a burden to a money driven capitalist world obsessed with wellness? In her Sick Woman Theory, writer and performer Johanna Hedva suggests that the dominant discourse on political action, drawing largely as it does from Hannah Arendt’s faith in the political effect of bodies in the street, is too narrow a definition of how we engage the political.

Come and join us for live reading, chats and conversations by this very talented writer.

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About ArtsFest

Traditionally ArtsFest work with cultural venues across the region to programme a variety of events including live performances, workshops, theatre shows, music, poetry, art exhibitions, and lots more to get involved with. Despite the challenging times we all find ourselves in Artsfest still want to bring art to you. They have put together a programme of insightful and inspiring online artists’ talks. The BCSC will be highlighting events over coming weeks!